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Behnam Khoshnazar was born on June 25, 1999, in Isfahan, Iran. He is an Iranian-American actor who is known for his exceptional performances on stage and screen. Behnam moved to the United States when he was three years old with his parents, where he was brought up in a Farsi-speaking household immersed in Persian traditions.

Behnam's journey into acting has been marked by a dedication to storytelling and a commitment to cultural representation. His performances, ranging from captivating plays to diverse theatrical projects, showcase a unique blend of talent and passion. Behnam's ability to seamlessly transition between English and Farsi fluently positions him as a bilingual actor capable of connecting with a broad audience.

Important moments of my professional career

  • 2024 Forgotten Mirage

    Lost in a world of shifting sands, they must escape the haunting grip of the "Forgotten Mirage".
  • 2024 Midnight Cabin

    Isolated and alone secrets unfold in the quiet of the woods. What will you discover in "Midnight Cabin"?
  • 2024 Echoes of Bliss

    A story of joy, sadness and everything in between, "Echoes of Bliss" paints a beautiful picture of life.
  • 2024 Lamb's Lullaby

    Innocence tested. Secrets revealed. A lullaby becomes a unforgettable melody in "Lamb's Lullaby".
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“Firebite Films”

January  2024, Leading Actor

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Acting isn't just about memorizing lines; it's a captivating dance between passion, exploration, and growth. It's about stepping into the shoes of another, feeling their joys and sorrows, and connecting with the audience on a deeper level.

I tell stories for a living. Each character is a journey, a chance to explore new worlds and emotions.

I learn and grow with every role, pushing myself to connect with audiences on a deeper level. It's a team effort, working with others to bring these stories to life. Ultimately, I use acting to share experiences and touch hearts.

It's a constant adventure, and I'm excited to see where it leads next.

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